Me in pre-flight mode, my favorite mode of all
Me in pre-flight mode, my favorite mode of all
I firmly believe that it’s the little pleasures in life that make our presence here happier. Therefore we should try our best to make each moment count. After all, what would we do with all the time in between if we were just waiting for the big things to happen? We would all be miserable. So in my almost four decades on this planet I have learned to cherish and celebrate the things that make me happy and this blog is about them:
  1. Quick escapes – It may be a good book or an hour spent gardening, a drink with friends will also do – whatever makes me wander off in my mind is a suitable enough escape to give me new energy, clear my head and remind myself that life is actually good.
  2. Tasty treats – I love good food. So much in fact, that I also love preparing it, even if with our busy schedules it often means cooking just for one. Call me old-fashioned, but If I am able to put a simple but tasty meal on the table each day, I feel at home, somehow grounded. So food is a literal pick-me-up for me and it therefore deserves a spot in this blog.
  3. Memorable journeys – Despite my “small things count” philosophy, when presented with a choice between a day at a spa and a first-class round-the-world journey (oh I pray for that to happen some day!) I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment picking the latter. Travel and the mere prospect of travel has been motivating me from my early student years so I expect a great part of this blog to be about travel.
Unfortunately, even for people with the most positive attitude towards life (don’t be misled, I’m not one of them), not everything is picture-perfect. So there may also be an occasional rant in this blog just to release the steam. But I’ve learned to appreciate those too…
If you enjoy reading this blog, leave a comment below. If not, you may leave a comment too, but please be considerate, I am new into this.

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