Deciding for “The Big Trip”: Pros & Cons

When it comes to travel, money and time are in reverse correlation. Back in our student backpacking days when we had more than enough time on our hands the length of each trip was determined by the available budget. Being extremely flexible with how little we could spend per day we were able to save up enough for two months of Indonesia and Thailand as our first big trip together. We naively expected that once we got our first jobs our extra resources would only help us to travel with more style and comfort without affecting the time spent on the road. Little did we know at that time.

With every step up the career ladder our trips got shorter. For a while I was ok with choosing destinations that don’t require us to spend too much precious time on planes and then a couple of days recovering from jet lag. But it seems that reaching the fourth decade was the milestone for me to start dreaming big again. Suddenly places like Peru, Japan, Australia and New Zealand which were tucked away in the “once we get older” part of my brain are on my radar again. Before I decide if we’re ready for the big trip though, I need to weigh up all the pros and cons, and that’s a difficult and complex process.

Focusing your attention on the one trip instead of jumping at every airline special deal, trying to figure out how to fit another quick getaway into your busy work schedule.

Not jumping at every airline special deal and making imaginary travel plans just in case.

Being able to put away some money “for the good cause” every month.

Spending your whole year’s savings on one trip.

Waking up every morning knowing exactly why you need to drag yourself to work for yet another one of the next 270+ days leading up to the D(eparture) day.

Putting all the eggs into one basket. What if it turns out to be a complete disappointment?

Making a bold decision and standing by it.

Having to tell your boss that you will be away for a lot more than the usual two weeks.

Taking the opportunity as it arises. After all, we’re not getting any younger, what if this is the last chance for the trip of our lifetime?

Risking to fall into deep depression afterwards. If this is the trip of our lifetime, what do we have to look forward to from now on?

Damn, I have a tough task on my hands, don’t you think?

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